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What is a Prosthodontist?

Introduction and common questions

Dr. Bailey is a prosthodontist. A prosthodontist is a dental specialist that has trained for an additional 3-years after dental school to be able to restore teeth and implants in the most complex dental cases.

We do all of that too! We have two wonderful hygienists who have spent years in our office, and have extensive experience cleaning prosthodontic patients.

Anyone who wants to repair broken, missing, or unesthetic teeth would be a good candidate to visit a prosthodontist. For more in-depth information, the American College of Prosthodontists has an excellent resource here:

Dr. Bailey will help develop a plan with you on how you want your teeth to look after ALL treatment is complete. It is our treatment philosophy that an end target of how you want your smile to look should be established BEFORE dental treatment is started by any members of your dental team. From there, Dr. Bailey will act as the “quarterback” of the dental team and refer you to any specialists (ortho, endo, perio, oral surgery) you need to visit to help meet your dental goals.

We file all insurance on your behalf as a courtesy service to our patients. However, Dr. Bailey is not a preferred provider for any insurance plan. We are happy to help as much as possible with insurance estimates, and will provide the information you will need to obtain this estimate from your insurance provider.

New Patients

What to expect at your first appointment

Simple vs. Complex Dental Treatment

1. Consult

A clinical analysis of the entire mouth, head, and neck area. Conversation about treatment expectations and potential treatment options.

2. Photographs, Radiographs,
Study models

Photos, x-rays, and a stone model of your teeth are made to complete the diagnostic phase.

3. Treatment Planning

Dr. Bailey takes the information gathered from the clinical exam, photographs, x-rays, and study models to formulate a treatment plan for you. This treatment plan will be organized into 3 phases and the treatment sequence will be broken down and explained to you in as simple language as possible. Sometimes more than one plan may be presented based on your conversation with Dr. Bailey at the initial consult.

An initial consult for complex dental care may last up to 1.5-2 hours. Dr. Bailey takes his time to answer your questions and tries to get a thorough understanding of your dental goals. Feel free to prepare for this appointment with as many questions as you would like, because we want you to have as much information and understand as much as possible about the treatment process.

For more straightforward dental treatment – such as a filling, single crown, or denture – a treatment plan can often be developed at the consult appointment and treatment can begin that day or the very next appointment.


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Meet your prosthodontist

About Dr. Bailey

Eric C. Bailey, DMD was born in Gainesville, GA and raised in Forsyth County. He now lives in Buford, GA with his wife – Staci – and four kids – Eli, Cora, Leah, and Rori. Dr. Bailey met his wife in Dahlonega while attending North Georgia College and State University before transferring to Georgia Tech where he graduated with highest honors. Dr. Bailey then attended the Dental College of Georgia in Augusta, GA for dental school and for his 3-year prosthodontic residency. Dr. Bailey chose a residency in prosthodontics because he always wanted to be able to provide a high level of service on even the most complex dental cases for his patients. Dr. Bailey feels blessed to have been mentored for the last 5 years by Dr. Paul S. Kudyba Jr., and was fortunate to have the opportunity to buy Dr. Kudyba’s prosthodontic practice in Buford. Dr. Kudyba nominated Dr. Bailey to join the prestigious Hinman Dental Society, of which he is now a member. Dr. Bailey has built a full-service lab at his home where he does most of his own lab work. When not busy doing lab work outside of the clinic, Dr. Bailey’s time is consumed almost entirely by his wonderful wife and four kids.